About us

Six Star Crew was created on April 6, 2014 by GTAWiseGuy originally on Grand Theft Auto V. With no real sense of community for a street racing themed crew, Six Star was born. Set out with the goal to bring together a community of car enthusiasts; to make friends, share stories, play with endless fun and engage in spirited competition!

As we stick to our roots we now expand into a world far greater than just Grand Theft Auto. Six Star represents a collective mindset; to empower you as the player and enthusiast to take up your own course of adventure as you explore what most enthralls you as a player and a creator. To explore imaginatively what makes your next build express something about you or how you might improve to slide more effortlessly into a tandem with a friend you met through Six Star playing half way across the world.

The point here is; Six Star Crew is your getaway from cynical oppression for you to become a part of a community that welcomes you whatever your style may be, because ultimately you create your culture.

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